Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ola Xyma Tour 2012

So the time has come to roam outside our little shithole for some gigs, along with our friends Dala Sun...
Here are the tour dates:

21/4 Antibiosi Squat. Ioannina/Greece
22/4 La Kana. Skopje/Macedonia
23/4 Panic Room Ziga. Beograd/Serbia
24/4 Roham. Budapest/Hungary
25/4 Garage Show. Jihlava/Czech Republic
26/4 Boss Bar. Podebrady/Czech Republic
28/4 EKH Squat. Wien/Austria
29/4 Sokolski Dom, Novo Mesto/Slovenia
30/4 Tovarna ROG, Ljubljana/Slovenia
1/5 AKC Medica Squat, Zagreb/Croatia
2/5 Dom Omladine, Kragujevac/Serbia
4/5 t.b.a. Greece

A big fat THANX to all the people who helped us set up these shows in their home towns, much appreciation and respect!
We'll keep updating this post and adding the gig posters as they come along.
Here are the first three from La Kana in Skopje-Macedonia, Roham in Budapest-Hungary and EKH Squat in Wien-Austria...
Apocalyptic Salutes!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bandcamp and other stories...

We've just set up a Bandcamp page, just because we actually have nothing better to do. From there you can download our music for free in better quality formats, like .wav or .flac. 

Check it out here...

On other news we're preparing for a small 2-week European tour, along with partners-in-crime Dala Sun. Also sometime this summer we'll record some tracks for a split 12" Lp and an anti-commercial compilation album with local bands. More on that when it's time...

Live fast/play slow!