Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ola Xyma Tour 2012: More GigPosters #1

Here are the posters for three more gigs!
The first one is from Sabbath Mass vol.2 in Beograd/Serbia in Panic Room Ziga, where we will share the stage with Hazarder (they played in Arm Your Desires fest last summer) and Gypsy Wizard And The Prophets Of Doom. The show will be followed by an afterburner dj set by dj Gypsy Wizard.
The second one is from Jihlava/Czech Republic and it will be a garage show, where we will share the stage with E.R.C.P.
The last one is from Zagreb in Croatia, where we will also play with Hazarder from Serbia in AKC Medica squat at the Grey Room.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ola Xyma Tour 2012: 21/4 Antibiosi squat in Ioannina

Unfortunately the gig in Biologica squat in Salonika had to be cancelled..I guess most of the people there are somewhat familiar with the situation..Opoios katalavainei katalavainei...
We want to thank our friends in Biologica, some other time mates!..

Instead we 'll play a gig in beautiful Ioannina in Antibiosi squat. A big thanx to the guys there for helping us out. Here's the poster for the gig: