Thursday, December 9, 2010

Live Dec18 @ Steki Estia Uni Patras

Last gig for 2010 with Second Nature and Anal Veritas from Athens and Vivaldi Heroes from Xalkida. 
Free entrance as usual. Sometime around 9 o'clock.
Line-up on the poster is random, we'll decide then & there who will play first/last etc. no headliner bullshit...
After the show stick around for a "Fuck Christmas" metal party till we all pass out...
See you all there!

poster art: ultragrim disign


This is our first full-length by the name of "Subtopia", that we released in the early summer of 2010. It is as much as a d.i.y. production as it could be, since there were no record/distribution labels involved. This means that we distribute it ourselves, hand in hand in one of our gigs or via shipping.

First of all, we don't give a fuck about copyrights and bullshit like that, so here's a link, where you can download the album for free.

We recorded it mostly in the summer of 2009 with Alex (also produced records of Revolting Breed, Bohemian Grove, I Want You Dead and  the upcoming No Hand Path). Ultragrim is responsible for the trippy artwork and Diastro for the band photo, both criminal figures from I Want You Dead.

We ended up with a 3-fold digi-cd package, including 6 tracks adding up to almost 1 hour of music.

So if you want to buy it and support our effort it will cost you 4 euros + shipping. 

Shipping costs are:
Greece: 1,5 euros
Europe/America etc.: 3 euros

Our mail for Paypal is:
(For orders more than 1 cd mail us first to find out about shipping costs...)

Thanx for the support and cheers to all!
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Kill the Lights

This is the unofficial video for the latter part of our song "Fog". We used excerpts from the episode "Deserts" of BBC's "Planet Earth" series. It's just something that came up while listening to the track and playing the frames along with it, it is not intended to be a videoclip or anything like that.

This is a second unofficial video we came up with for the latter part of "Momentary Lapse" and it is also not to be considered as a videoclip. We used frames from various movies, short films, documentaries and live footage all of which are listed in the description section of the video in youtube.

Kill the lights and enjoy!...


Kinda sick of the facebook wannabe social networks...
Searching for an independent and kinda old-school approach in promoting our music and shows...
Found this!

We've been around in Patras underground local scene since somewhere in 2008.
Released our 1st full-length in the summer of 2010, without any record/distribution labels out of choice.
We've played some live shows, mostly around Patras, and we're searching for gigs in other cities around Greece, preferably in self-organized places, squats and the like... 
That about sums it up.

If you want to drop us line, feel free to do so here:

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