Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is our first full-length by the name of "Subtopia", that we released in the early summer of 2010. It is as much as a d.i.y. production as it could be, since there were no record/distribution labels involved. This means that we distribute it ourselves, hand in hand in one of our gigs or via shipping.

First of all, we don't give a fuck about copyrights and bullshit like that, so here's a link, where you can download the album for free.

We recorded it mostly in the summer of 2009 with Alex (also produced records of Revolting Breed, Bohemian Grove, I Want You Dead and  the upcoming No Hand Path). Ultragrim is responsible for the trippy artwork and Diastro for the band photo, both criminal figures from I Want You Dead.

We ended up with a 3-fold digi-cd package, including 6 tracks adding up to almost 1 hour of music.

So if you want to buy it and support our effort it will cost you 4 euros + shipping. 

Shipping costs are:
Greece: 1,5 euros
Europe/America etc.: 3 euros

Our mail for Paypal is:
(For orders more than 1 cd mail us first to find out about shipping costs...)

Thanx for the support and cheers to all!
Support your local scene!

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