Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So, we had a great time at the gig at Villa Amalias a couple of weekends ago. Many thanks to all the guys that put the show together. Many thanks also to Time Trap and Unexpected Error. See you all next time..
We also played in Parartima squat recently here in Patras, in order to raise money for the legal expenses of 4 people arrested and wrongfully charged with felonies. More information here..

On other news we'll be cooling off, as one of us has to get over with his mandatory military service. Fuck! It's a great shame that we have this obligation around here, to serve in something that we don't believe in and spend 9 months of our lives doing complete bullshit..

In the meantime, we will get on with some recordings we have left unfinished in our very own slooooow way. Unfortunately Nataraya from Thesaloniki won't be our partners in crime for the 12-intch split we had in mind. As far as I know they 've disbanded or at least taken a long pause. 
On the other hand we'll probably go on and release it with Mass Culture from Athens, which is great news since not only they play great music, but we also share common ground on the way we approach our music, away from and against profiting, all kinds of middlemen and the damn music industry.
We hope to have it in our hands by late spring, but until we have something more solid to post, we 'll keep to our own...

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