Friday, May 3, 2013

Live @ Prokat35 Squat 9/5/2013

So, 4 days past the mass lamb massacre, on the 9th of May, we 'll manage to be all in one place to play a gig at Prokat35 squat here in Patras. We couldn't pass on this chance, since it will probably be a long time till we play another gig... Along with all the people from the squat and with Errorist from our local independent scene, we 're hosting for Sadhaka from USA. 
See you all - or as many of you will be around for the holidays - on the sky-covered trodden green of Prokat35!

Live fast / Play slow

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  1. Ελάτε καμιά βόλτα κι από Βόλο, γιατί θα βάλω την γάτα μου να κλαίει! Και έχει πολλά ψυχολογικά η γάτα μου!