Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Split 12" Vinyl with Mass Culture

When your next release recordings and preparations span over almost two years, then it is natural that when you finally have it in physical form in your hands, you feel somewhat redeemed. It took us that long because there were some short hibernating periods in the band from time to time, but mainly because we don't want to rush things and we like it that way a little too much... 

Still the fact is that we have our second release, a split 12-inch black vinyl with our friends Mass Culture from Athens/Sparti/Tripoli/(place random city here). We want to thank Nick, Argy, Mike and John, for everything. We share common ground with those guys on the way we approach music and on the ethics part as well, so we were more than happy to share this trip with them. 

The tracks on our side were recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex K., who had produced our debut full-length "Subtopia" as well. The artwork was spawned by our good friend Admc07 and it is sick having it in 31cm by 62 cm dimensions in our release. 

(click on image to view full size)

We still don't give a flying fuck about copyrights and the like, so here is a free download link with lyrics and artwork and mostly everything. Leak it, steal it, spread it!

On the other hand, if you choose to support us and buy it, the price we've decided on is 6 euros + shipping. I will update this post when I have concrete values for the shipping costs, I hope it won't take long. Our mail for paypal is:

In case you want to order more than one copy or you want to order the split along with our "Subtopia" full-length, please send us a mail beforehand at, so that we can check out what the exact shipping costs will be. You can also get it at one of our live shows to avoid shipping costs or from one of the following:

Thanks for the support, cheers to all!
Support your local scene!

p.s.: We are currently working on the last tracks of our next full-length album. Until then...

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